an exile mod/fan made game

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AuthorTopic: an exile mod/fan made game
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i'm making a mod of exile called exile online there are a few things that i need to make it though and i have a few questions

1: is it ok to sell t-shirts specifically to this mod on my site

2: can i have a copy of the sounds and images from the exile trilogy

3:do you wan't me to show it's from spiderweb software as well as my webstite legionary productions

4:this will be an online mod do you know a place i could put the server

5:if you have any comments questions or concerns could you please post them

6:pm me if you are interested in helping out or beta tests
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1. If you make a game, you can sell shirts about it. It's the game itself that's a problem.

2. No. Both either belong to Spiderweb or are licensed by Spiderweb. You have to pay someone to use them.

3. Referencing someone else's work without attributing it to the original creator and giving credit where it's due is called plagiarism. It's a bad thing.

But here's the central problem: Exile is Jeff's intellectual property. He made the game, he owns the rights, and he doesn't want you working with it. You may not make a game called Exile Online (unless it's entirely unrelated to Spiderweb's Exile). You may not base a game heavily on Exile even with a different name.

—Alorael, who is not, of course, Jeff himself. You're welcome to email him to ask questions about rights yourself, but the answer is almost certainly going to be no.
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Since Jeff has open sourced Blades of Exile, you might be able to use that as a starting point. You will have to read the license that it's released under and you will have to reference Spiderweb.

Even then since it's open source there will be restrictions on selling the game.
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Jeff Vogel released BoE with a very non-restrictive license, so a modification can probably be sold. I didn't read the license, only his summary of it on these forums, but the derivative might not even have to be open-source. Such things are codified in the license. But no, "open source" does not automatically mean you can't sell commercial derivatives.

If you manage to make BoE multi-player, well, power to you. But if you release an actual game, the setting will have to be new - Jeff released the code of BoE, not the world and characters of Exile.

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Blades of Exile is currently available under the GNU Public License, which requires that any publicly distributed modifications be published under the same license. In other words, if you use Blades code in your creations, you are legally required to release your source code.
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What exactly is he trying to accomplish?

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to be able to play exile... but there are other ral people walkin around you can interact with

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As a game designer this is something I’ve dreamed of, but as a student, I’ll leave this land of wonder to when I’m older and wiser. And when I’ve created a full, single player, RPG on a machine.

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