Exile I, Graymold Salve

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AuthorTopic: Exile I, Graymold Salve
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I'm trying to figure out how to cure Patrick's wife, and I'm not sure what I'm missing--I have the recipe and the graymold, but I have no idea what skill level my alchemist needs to be at to make the stuff. How do I go about making the actual salve to give to Patrick?
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It's been a while, but I think you only need an alchemy skill of about 8 or 9. If you have the recipe and the graymold, you can make it the way you make any other potion -- there's a button or a menu option for it somewhere.

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You have to be in town mode, there's a tiny button with a blue potion bottle on it (next to the bash doors button, above the automap button and to the left of the combat button).

I think alchemy skill level 8 is sufficient (at least I found an old save file where I was carrying graymold salve and my top alchemy level was 8, so...)

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Save and reload until you successfully make graymold salve since you don't have that great a chance with a minimum level of making it.
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Actually, your alchemy skill can be lower still. You only need to know alchemy at level 6, but I recommend higher, just to ensure success.

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