Tower of Zkal, Level 2

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AuthorTopic: Tower of Zkal, Level 2
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In Exile III (Ruined World) v1.0b, Ring of Endless Magery, Tower of Zkal, Level 2 my party can't progress.

Using "Magic Map" does reveal yet another part of the dungeon to the North-East to be explored. In the "5-portal" - portal in the South-East corner I am stuck. My Magical Bibblelet suggest using the portals in the sequence: (46,40), (46,40), (44,46), (46,40). Of course I have tried (before and after consulting) different paths, alas to no avail. Now, the road back will be hard (I'd better save some Energy-flasks for that) so I aim to return WITH my prize.

Although I'm thinking of a typo in the HintBooklet, the Keeper referred me to this forum.
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Let me be the first to welcome you to the boards! Please leave your sanity at the door.

The Tower of Zkal is very tricky. I would suggest going to google and looking for walkthroughs.

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Edit: Oops, confusion between Drath and Zkal!

The portal order is North East, North East, South East, North East.

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If you watch closely the mushrooms patches on the floor move each time you use a portal. Keep trying and eventually you will get past this part.
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Hi guys, thanks for replying.

Randomizer: :confused: That's the way I always start-off with. Only then I'll look into the (up until now) unerring HintBooklet.

Micawber: :cool: Yes! I allready had been trying rotating and varying the sequence of the original solution. Well, the PCs do eat but never, eh, relief themselves. Nor do they have a shave, so I hadn't thought of mirroring the (or a) solution. Thanks!
My PCs now are ready to hear -in Terry Pratchett speak- many a HELLO FRIENDS, HERE AGAIN ?

BTW 1) Drat it! Is Zkal a verbal mix-up / puzzle? I do have an elaborate dictionary standing by. Very helpfull when encountering species like "Hivelings". Or was Zkal programmed after many a "skol" (= ÿour health / bottoms up)?
BTW 2) Do Nephilim (need to) shave?
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Do Nephilim (need to) shave?
If they did, then they wouldn't have any fur. Come on now, that would just be silly. :D

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"The Nephilim are a race of feline humanoids". Now:
1) There are 2 sub-species of nakes cats: Sphinxen and Rex-cats. Emulating one would call for a full body wax. :eek:
2) I was only thinking of (if appliable) a facial shave. Leaving their proud moustaches standing. (Out of earshot referred to as whiskers ofcourse.)
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Originally by tschootschoo:

1) There are 2 sub-species of nakes cats: Sphinxen and Rex-cats. Emulating one would call for a full body wax.
Actually, rex cats have fur. It's just that they have curly fur. Sphinxes are furless, though.

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