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AuthorTopic: souls to take
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Hmmm, in general, I'm opposed to letting summoned things get kills. waste of EXP that could be going to party members, so my picks tend to be things that run interferance than actually have direct power, that being said....

1. Troglodyte Khazi. (Much cheaper than other big mages, and they aren't that hard to kill, so if he starts being inconvienent........ They also cast pestilince a lot it seems)
2. Giant intelligent friendly talking spiders. They're cheap on SP, they throw webs, they poison. Most of the kills then go to the poison and not to the summon guy, which results in more exp. And the webs are *really* good.
3 Null Bugs. (For reasons stated above)

4. Ur-Basilisk if you can get them, regular bas if you can't. For when I'm tired of Powerlevelings and just want to kill them all.

Back in the days of E2, hmmmmm. I do remember one game getting Sulfras, and in the fight with Garzhad, I killed his guards, summoned about 4 or 5 of them, and hid in an antimagic cloud until my minons slew the mage. (Sulfras did say he wanted to feel Garzhad's skull pop beneath his teeth. It was only fair to give him the opportunity, right?) Don't think I used it that much otherwise though.

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Originally written by Locke:

kinda surprising that only 1 person mentioned pack leaders. Anyway:

1: Pack Leader
2: Basilisk or Ur-Basilisk
3: Empire Archer
4: Any high power caster. (Vahnatai Lord, Order Mage, things of that sort.)

Edit: replaced Empire Dervish with Empire Archer. Who needs a dervish when you got Pack Leaders? Sulfras would have kicked the crap out of me if I didn't have those. :P

i was goingto say ut u said btw those are the best

1:pack leader
2:alien beast

those hit5+ .. my max with them is 94 so..
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I like keeping Empire Archers and Dervishes around with me, since I generally destroy at least one major city during the course of the game, it's just fun to sling around the empires own dominated souls to kill them without mercy occasionally.

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