E2 - Ziggurat - how many levels?

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AuthorTopic: E2 - Ziggurat - how many levels?
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Can anyone tell me how many levels there actually are? The hint booklet says there are four. I've completely explored L1 and L2 but I don't recall finding any more stairs.
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I believe there are four levels of the actual Ziggurat, plus the Ziggurat roof, and the guardian plains, equals the grand total of 6 towns making up all of the Ziggurat.

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Be careful of the quickfire on the roof; smoking ziggurats can be harmful to your health.

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Originally written by Thuryl:

Be careful of the quickfire on the roof; smoking ziggurats can be harmful to your health.
I learned that the hard way.... :P

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That sure is a lot of levels for a Crystal Soul. Especially since Garzahd only got one tough one. :cool:

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