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AuthorTopic: favorite monster
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I posted a similar topic a long time ago but that was before Jeff put the polls back. So now I'm asking the same question but in poll form.
What is your favorite monster or class of monsters in E3?

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Dragons have more personality than most (I don't consider Exiles and Imperials to be monsters, though I suppose you could). Technically there's only five of them, but still.

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YOu forgot the most important one.. the giant living fungus beasts (a.k.a. The Shrooms)
They have my vote... :)

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Dryads are a whole lot cuter than Gremlins, you know. It isn't fair to throw them both in one pot. :D

Oh, and this is a double topic. Seeing as this is the one that got replies, I'd suggest that the mods delete the other.

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The naga, easily.


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I voted demons, because I can. They are the best because they are so evil!! Either that or dragons, but they are so cliche!

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Hold on, let me (properly) move this to ET...

Oh, balls, that nuked the poll. Stupid UBB implementation of polls...

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Like I said before, the bandits because they're all over the place and they're easy experience. Same thing with, slimes, roaches, goblin and after a while trogs. But the bandit I can 'legally' fight if they don't include apprentice mages. Don't ask.

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