To Jeff Vogel only.

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AuthorTopic: To Jeff Vogel only.
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Can we have an approximate date on when geneforge 5 is comin out. Please

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Avernum 5 for Windows barely just came out. It'll be a good year for now for Windows, a few months less for Mac.

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The home page says hopefully around December.

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Jeff shoots for the day after Thanksgiving Day for release. He wants to get your money before you spend it on something else for the holidays.

Avernum 5 for Mac was released before then. It's too early to even tell more accurately since Jeff hasn't written enough to start beta testing.

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It's funny..the title said that "To Jeff Vogel Only"..and yet..Jeff hasn't posted..this serves as an example for future somewhat-related threads..never-ever make "For ... Only" threads..@_@

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Well, I thought that's what email is for. Markis, you're just begging others to reply. And yeah -- don't wait on the edge of your seat. Could be a while.

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Than why are we all answering him?
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Originally written by Dragonlorddrakon:

Than why are we all answering him?
We answered to get the information out and save Jeff some time. This topic is over until fall.
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