Clearing puresteel quest

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AuthorTopic: Clearing puresteel quest
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I think I flubbed up this time by not taking the ring to What's-His-Name (Derenten Freehold) before talking to Litalia after going to Quessa. So, I've got the ring of puresteel in special items but can't get the drakon to take it (he says he needs it, but the dialog point about 'here, I've got one' won't come up. (I have, though, already delivered the other one to him.)

What do I need to do to get that dialog point so I can clear the quest?

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You haven't opened the door to the second canister, right? If you have the quest, have the ring, and have turned in the first one, then that's the only thing I can think of that would mess it up.

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Go back and make sure you finish the first quest.

That can screw things up.

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You can unlock the doors to that drakon's canisters and use them before giving him the rings. If you do this, he will not take your puresteel rings and you can not clear the quest.

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