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AuthorTopic: Tips
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K so i'm new kinda and was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to sit still long enough to complete any of jeff's games
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specifically G4
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If you need help doing something as simple as that, well... that's sad.

All I can say is that you should probably take it bit by bit.

In case you're being sarcastic, we do it by focusing on the plot, which is amazing, and to a lesser extent the strategy.

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Play the Avernum series and then the Geneforge series in order.

That is all I can give you now.

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straightjackets are remarkably effective.

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oi wikiman don't you be hatin just because i have a life outside of Geneforge
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His Mighty Tentacle
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Double posting... Bad form... Obvious trolling...

Causing me to post a triple elipsis, oh dear.

**Fires null ray**

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