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As long as i have been here,i have heard a few things about GF3,how it is the worst out of the four games,but can anyone tell me just how bad this game is?
I know it can't be as bad as you all say it is.

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No, it isn't nearly as bad as some people say. People were disappointed that it didn't add any new spells or creations, after G2 had added several of these. But it added crafting and underground zones. People were disappointed that it had only two sides instead of the four or five alternatives of G2. But it added ongoing dialogs with NPCs that could accompany you for much of the game, and repeated interactions with (or at least scripted appearances by) NPCs whom you might eventually either fight or aid.

No doubt people who didn't like the game have other things to complain about too. To me it doesn't quite equal G1 because G1 was really original because it was first, and G4 is the best of the series for several reasons. But I rank G3 and G2 about the same, and I think they're both great games.

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I think the main reason people don't like it is because of the boat system and the fact that it only has two factions. Otherwise, it seems fine to me.

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Geneforge 3 isn't a bad game at all, but it was a bad sequel.

The major complaint was that the plot was one-dimensional and highly repetitive, especially if you'd played the first two games.

There was also the lack of innovation. Although G3 had a few new ideas (such as item enhancements, and Alwan and Greta) the game was almost identical to G2 technically. Which is to say, it's mostly great -- but when you've played the previous games and are on your 200th zone of the same plot and the same mechanics and the same enemies, it starts to get old.

If you can get past those, it's a solid game with enough character-building depth to offer a lot of good play time. But if you're new to Geneforge, I wouldn't start with G3. Maybe either G1 or G4, depending on your tastes.

EDIT: Double-sniped. Sheesh. ET's right about the boats, though; they were possibly the worst thing about any Geneforge game ever.

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Another thing that ticked people off is that the Shapers and Rebels were both evil, and you had to choose between the lesser of the two evils. The Shapers, as arrogant and elitist as ever (they relaxed this policy in G4) and the Rebels, terrorists who released monsters on the local populace.

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The spells got tweaked a little like daze, but the boats made the game drag. Having to go to the appropriate dock and shift items from island to island so you would have all the ingredients to craft slowed things down.

Plus you were forced to choose sides on the third island. No more fence sitting.
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