Technolgy in the world of Geneforge

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AuthorTopic: Technolgy in the world of Geneforge
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what new techenolgies (not neccarly shapeing or useable by the pc) would you like to see developed. In GF 4 I have notice more sphosticed mines and then their is the new electrical fields. What would you like to see developed most?

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You should have made so that we could vote for more than one.

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um elec. is to early for geneforge i can see it now

the create elec. ... bang/ other words...

shaper ending-you the apprentince shaper create elec. wow galdring looks good with a mighty hole in his head the shapers charge at the rebel base they are no longer armed with old stuff they fight with bazokas and electricety swords soon greta is captured and fought in a cage with a bunch of maneating ornks the other aprentice is killed by frindly fire that wand isnt that reliable ow :o sniffel there goes the rebels left on the isels owch no leaders left so intead of a ambishouios assult the shapers luanch the firt atomic bomb herosamer(shaper er) (horosama)america a :( the rebels deserved better

rebel ending someday ill write it

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Perfect as is. No tech beyond what we have now would be perfect for G5.

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true but this is war and technolgy is constally advanceing. This doesn't consider if the rebellion do unleash the unbound. I like to see a super weapon that main function doesn't invole shapeing.

A rock has weight whether you admit it or not
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