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AuthorTopic: Energy Preservation
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Has anyone tested Energy Preservation in GF4? I searched the forums but didn't see anything.

It seems like a great idea in theory...if I understand it correctly it's supposed to reduce the energy costs of your spells by a certain percentage.

I tried on the preservation suit I got from killing Nakel but I couldn't see any difference in energy or essence costs.
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Never heard of it, try re installing it or something. Usually that works.

forgot mah old pass ;(
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Yeesh -- I'm usually not one for swiping at newbies, but that was a horrible reply.

In fact, I felt compelled to reply if only to state that yes, energy preservation exists, but at least in games past it has been a relatively weak effect, and in GF4 there have always been better equipment options than those offering a bit of energy preservation ... and hence I haven't even tested its (im)potence.

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Energy preservation is similar to magical efficeincy in Avernum 4. You can cast a spell and use less than the amount listed in the spell description. In practice there are better items that you would rather have equiped to help with something else.
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Originally written by wary wanderer:

that was a horrible reply.
Yes, but somehow hilarious to me.
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Even if it works as well as it claims to, essence pods are abundant, and there is no shame in running like a scared little girl, so Energy Preservation is kind of useless.
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If you could get 50+% energy preservation in the game, it might be worth it. Twice the number of aura of flames. Too bad that such a thing is impossible.

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@wary correction

not exactly a noob, just a stalker, read my sig thats why there's a 2 in my name. i havent came out until i lost my pw and gf4 came out

Second, i thought he was talking about an item unrelated to the in a trainer or a file full of new items. (Preservation suit? never heard of it.)


feh i just saw that he was talking about essence, not energy.
And, i've never saw a Preservation Suit in this game, is it a one time thing? And if it is an item
then what does it do?
I have heard of such a thing named Essence Preservation in GF3.

forgot mah old pass ;(
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Originally written by D.Drew2:

And, i've never saw a Preservation Suit in this game, is it a one time thing? And if it is an item then what does it do?
As the original poster mentioned, Nakel in Northern Fens drops it when killed. As might be gathered from the topic title, it gives a bonus to Energy Preservation. What exactly Energy Preservation does is the present topic of discussion; the original poster has observed no effect from it.

(I presume it does slightly reduce energy costs for spellcasting, but it indubitably sucks.)

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