Hidden lever outside Litalia's rooms

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AuthorTopic: Hidden lever outside Litalia's rooms
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Just found/noticed a hidden lever behinda shaping (?) pylon outside Litalia's rooms in Derenton Freehold. Opened the lever but cannot seem to find anything that is now open anywhere.
Any one else got any ideas as what is now "open"

Thanks in advance as always
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ttman, i was excited when i read this and i overlooked the lever myself. Why then is it hidden when it opens nothing of significance? It serves no other purpose but to open the little concrete barrier just south of the room where the lever is. Opens to the outisde area that surrounds the fort.

pointless because you wouldn't use that way to exit any way!

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If your pro shapers to the extreme it can be useful. If your pro shaper enough then the rebels might attack you on sight and then your best escape is that hidden door.

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I its just an easier way to get to the southern area in front of the fort.
There's a small ambush there (a couple of kyshakks) that drop some stuff.

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Where's a mini-mod when you actually need one?

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They're all getting reprimanded by the actual moderators.

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Jared, your post contributed absolutely nothing to a thread and served only to resurrect it needlessly. Don't do this again.


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And mini-mods have lesser mods, and so on ad absurdum.
And the great mods themselves, in turn, fear greater mods offending;
While these again fear greater still, and so on without ending.

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To keep this topic where it belongs --- Rest in peace.
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