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AuthorTopic: Changes for Geneforge 5
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Here are some changes I would like to see implemted.

1.Diologue for creations. ex) Thahd-Me crush. Arrr. What? Drackon- (thinly vielded threats) Gazer-(demeaning comments) Artila-Sssss. SsSs. (sway). And the like.

2.Renovating Battle teir creations to make them worth something. ex) taunt ability that forces others to attack

3.Music. ex) Rebel anthom played for the intro screens.

4.A spell strong, shaping decent, melee weak class.

5.More creation discription things for the loading screens.

6.Give drackons more character. ex) Some carry spears, better graphics for em.

7.When your character puts on a cape you can see it in the game.

8.Make it so that people take some note of your drackons, dryaks, gazers ect.

9.Get rid of charged creations.

10.Make some creations have benificial effects like healing.

11.Over sea travel. I'd like to see parts where perhaps a chapter or at least a couple zones or maby deongion like thing is when your on a ship. Maby part of a fleet or just on one of those reptile thingys. I thought it would be cool to have a sort of ocean chart where you can pick which port or island you want to go to.

12.Releasing creations. It would be an interesting strategy option to be able to relese creations that go rogue and hostile after a couple min (would give no xp). Maby not very useful but if combined with a quest it could be an interesting part of warfare.

13.Add children.

If you have any more ideas feel free to post them below. This is my first poll made so I hope it doesn't turn out horribly messed up. Thank you for reading! :D P.S. Not all these ideas are mine many are from other peoples posts, I just mashed them together.

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Yes to 5, 8, 9 and 10, qualified yes to 2 (something good could be done for battle creations, but probably not the example you gave) and no to all the others.

I am pleasantly surprised by the breadth of your ideas, anyway, and they don't suck so much as usual for a newbie.

Edit: Silly me, having now read the other thread I now know what is going on. Never mind.

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[glory stealer]Admitedly I helped with several ideas[/glory stealer]

Glory Stealing aside these are some more general changes and while adding a decent ammout of realisum dosen't do much for the actual game.

Anyway I like 1) 2) 3) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) and 10) and are actually attainable and more sensible then the normal "noob wants changes" poll

(Before you ask I am in no way a noob even though I am rather recent to these forums)

EDIT: Check your PM's warmaster.

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I must object to 4.The class would probably be WAY too overpowered unless it was highly nerfed (low esscence?)

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Originally written by Warmaster Kermanuiouss:

6.Give drackons more character. ex) Some carry spears, better graphics for em.
I like this idea. I'd like to see the drakon shapers start wearing robes, and drakon soldiers could wear shoulderpads or something. It would be like the ending of Animal Farm. Appropriate, I think.

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About glory hogging I didn't mean to glory hog, sorry. :( Also I'm not that much of a noob. I've beaten the game twice though I've never powerplayed or done everything. Thank you for some of the complements though. :D I will include more ideas by editing my first post.

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I'm down for number: 2, 3 (please license something from Baulder's Gate or something!), 4, 5 (can you give us the option to disable the images and "tips" all-together? no mantter how many you make they'll still get annoying after a while) and 10 (like a Vlish but heal/buff/support).

Number 13 makes me laugh and think of this:
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Charged creations could have their uses if 1) You could shape in battle like your enemies can, and/or 2) They were substantially more powerful than their uncharged counterparts, with either a slower decay rate or extreme damage output.

Even in suicide squads, which is supposedly the point of charged creations, they're useless, but the idea still has merit.
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How about more variety in character graphics?

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