Geneforge 5: Improvements, Innovations etc

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 5: Improvements, Innovations etc
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Originally written by Nija_Halycron:

The weight limit removal was a stupid idea, whats the realisum of being able to carry around 30 pursteal breast-plates without losing a single AP?

It's a game, how could you carry around 30 puresteel breastplates anyway? Besides, if you get into combat, you can just drop whatever you're carrying.

I would like a Nethergate style game where you can choose to start out helping the shapers or the rebels and have an opportunity to switch sides in the middle of the game. That could lead to more varied endings. Like if you start out a shaper and remain shaper, they will reward you greatly but if you start out as a rebel, they won't trust you as much no matter what you do.

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I don't like the idea of being able to completely clear out most areas of the game forever. I think it might make more sense if over time rogue creations started to re-inhabit some areas. I just can't imagine that vacant areas stay vacant forever. I would be happy to see serviles herding ornks take over, or serviles planting crops, etc.

Also, I think you should also always get at least 1XP for killing something.
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Well, that would be considerably realistic. Unfortunately, it wouldn't appeal to those crazies who don't consider the game "completed" until every last living thing is dead and every item a part of their personal hoard. Who, unfortunately, happen to be the majority.

In other words, no. :(

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Well, then you'd have to come back and slaughter those wretched serviles to take their robes and knives. There needn't be a third wave.
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