What is the point of the prison cells in Southforge Citadel?

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AuthorTopic: What is the point of the prison cells in Southforge Citadel?
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At the begining of the game, When Greta sends me to question Agent Miranda there are two other cells in the prison. In one cell is a rogue Glaahk. In the other cell is a mad servile.

Why are they there, to taunt me? How can I help them, if that's possible?
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It's, for the most part, just a bit of scenery. However, you can get a useful item from each of them. The maddened servile drops a Grounded Robe when killed, and the Glaahk drops a glaahk eye, along with something else I can't remember. Anyway, you'll also want to search the glaahk's nest.

Note that the door to the maddened servile is unlocked when the citadel is abandoned.

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That must be the Windows version. In the Mac one there is junk in the glaahk's nest.

The gaahk's eye is needed to make a mental focus charm.
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not in the nest when it is killed and its random. I think the eye is guranteed, but the fine animal skin is chance (so influenced by luck).

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