A problem with +creature str and hit %

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AuthorTopic: A problem with +creature str and hit %
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Hey all

Something I noticed and wanted to see if it's a bug or not.

Increasing creature strength by spending essence increases their hit%. However, I've noticed that increasing their strength through items - I've tested the girdle of might and the guardian sword - did not.

Their character sheet records the increased but it seems to not be applied to hit% at least.

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Each point of strength should add 5% hit chance. If you have not mistaken, items increasing creation strength without boosting to hit is a bug.
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I can confirm that I've observed the same behaviour. I strongly suspect it's a bug, but you'd have to ask Jeff to know for sure if it was intended or not.

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Does the girdle of avoidance add creation chance to dodge?
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Weird. I'm almost sure Str + items added damage in previous games, but haven't tested that in G4. Anyone try it?

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Damage can increase without taking the chance to hit up with it.

—Alorael, who now can't find any games in which he has any creation strength enhancing items. In fact, he appears not to have any saved games at all. Oops?
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Actually it seemed a little bit messed up to me. (v1.0.2 Mac)

Unlike manual increases, creature strength bonuses from items will not increase hit chance nor damage according to my observations. So they are totally useless except maybe the stun resistance part.
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I confirm that strength from item will NOT increase damage. Dex works alright with chance to dodge.
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Yeah, I tested with a weapon that gives +2 creation str and +1 creation dex, and had them attack each other, and they were 5% more likely to hit when I did not have it equipped.

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I think we need an imminent fix in the next update. It killed all my enthusiasm :( .

People even tend to change their lower-tier creations because they think that they don't hit reliably. As a lifecrafter, I wear items that total "+6 strength of creations", neglecting this equals to a 12 level difference in strength. It is not like it gets hard, but why wouldn't I want my creations to be stronger.
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In case no one else do, I mailed to Jeff about this.
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This is a bug, and it will be fixed in a future update. Until then, I'd avoid relying on items that give strength to creations. (Items that improve other pet stats appear to work.)

No time frame available on a patch, I'm afraid. So far, this is the only known bug of note, and I'm pretty swamped.

- Jeff Vogel

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We need to come up with more bugs. My lifecrafter is already having a tough enough time on torment. My creations need more strength (or at least full advantage of the strength they have).

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