Need Beta Testers Running Vista or Win 2000

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AuthorTopic: Need Beta Testers Running Vista or Win 2000
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We now have plenty beta testers running Windows XP. But we need testers running Windows Vista or Windows 2000. Please apply if you have one of those.
Apply here:


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Grr... I wish I had Vista. However, I believe it was released maybe two months ago. Not many people have Vista, or still use Windows 2000.

EDIT: The Microsoft website states that Vista should be availible in January 30th, 2007. So why does my friend have it? :confused:

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I believe there are beta versions out.

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if only the beta is out I'm not sure how many would have it.

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Originally written by Lord Safey:

if only the beta is out I'm not sure how many would have it.
I'm not sure how many within this community would have copies. And remember, Beta 2 and RC1 were released as a public beta (According to the Microsoft Site, there were 2.25 million downloads) and RTM version can be downloaded if you have subscribed to any of the following from Microsoft:

* TechNet Plus
* MSDN subscriptions at the Operating Systems, Professional, Enterprise, or Universal level

Note: I personally have a copy of Beta 2 and RC1 but I haven't installed them.

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My husband just bought a new Dell, and one of the options was an upgrade to Vista. Since it's shipping in a few days, we don't know if it's actually installed yet or if it's something they send later or something, but it will have Vista at some point. My guess is that the official release to stores for consumer purchase will be late January, but new computers purchased now will include Vista. Saves Microsoft from having to offer free/cheap upgrades later to people who bought their brand new computers for Christmas. Give it to them now and save the headaches.
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I'm running Windows 2000 and would be happy to help only problem is i'm going to be using XP for the next week but after that i'll be happy to help.
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