Erasing Saved Games

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AuthorTopic: Erasing Saved Games
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Hey there fellow gamers,
Can anybody tell me how to erase the saved games files? I want to start with a fresh clean board but I can't seem to find where the game saves it's data.

Appreciate any help.
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Mac or Windows? On a Mac, in the Avernum 4 folder, go into Avernum 4 Files. There should be folders called Save0 through Save19. Delete all of their contents.

The PC process is probably similar, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.

—Alorael, who would suggest deleting the folders except for the fact that he doesn't think A4 can figure out how to save if the folders don't exist. Maybe delete them all and then create empty folders called Save0-19.
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Think there is no way to delete saved games.
You should simply save new over the last.

I am not sure there isnt a way to delete saved games but I am 99% sure there isnt.

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It is possible, LakiRa@. Alorael just explained how to do it on a Mac.

I have Windows, but I don't have A4, so I can't tell you how to do so on Windows. I do know that it's possible, however.

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I have windows so I dont know if it is possible on mac or not.

I was talking about windows.

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As Aloreal stated, The process is almost the same for Windows. Simply open the folder then look for the save in qustion then simply delete it.

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Thanks all for those suggestions. I am using Windows as well and had already located the directory for A4. It shows two sub-directories one of which is called Data. That would normally indicate the saved games files. Under the S/b Data, there are 20 folders numbered and inside each of those is a temp file with date of modification Aug 9 which is not the date I saved these games. I was going to delete all those files but the modification date kind of threw me.

Anyway, no biggie. I can save over previously saved files it's just that I'd like to clean up that space. I'm a bit of a neat freak but only when it comes to files. My house, on the other hand, is a disaster. LOL!!

Thanks again
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Another way if you still have the compressed game file is to reinstall it. The preference file with your registration should be unaffected allthough I copy that to a backup for safekeeping.
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