Battle Discipline Speculation

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AuthorTopic: Battle Discipline Speculation
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Jeff is starting to give out more information on battle disciplines. In RPG Watch he mentions this:

RPGWatch: The Battle Disciplines sound like an interesting addition...what can you reveal about them? What exactly are they and can you describe one as an example?

Jeff Vogel: It’s a fairly simple system. You get battle disciplines by training up your combat skills. You can use them in addition to your regular actions. When you use a discipline, you are “fatigued” for a certain number of turns, which means that you can’t use another discipline until it wears off. Some buff you, some damage or weaken foes, and so on. Some of them are very good even for spell casters, like Adrenaline Rush, which gives you a huge one turn burst of action points. I think they will be good enough to tempt the noncombat characters to invest in melee weapons skills.

On fatigue:

About fatigue. This is where that is at now. Fatigue is the limiter of battle disciplines. Each discipline makes you fatigued for a certain number of turns. As long as you're fatigued, you can't use a discipline.

Some items and skills will reduce fatigue. Some enemies and special encounters may muck about with your fatigue in amusing ways.

Enemy warriors have battle disciplines and fatigue too. Watch out for damage spikes!

It's a new system. All of this is subject to change.

For archers and spell casters:

One thing about battle disciplines is that not only do they help archers, but some of them can also be highly beneficial to spell casters. I'm not saying that they'll be worth pumping the points into weapons skills to get them, but, if your caster did have them, it'd be hawt.

Regarding action points:

It's basically the same action point system as the older games, except that it has to be rescaled because the size of the world is different. You get a base 8 action points per turn. You can attack if you have any points left. Attacking takes away 9 action points. So if haste and speed items give you 10 or more AP, you can attack twice in a turn.

I suppose we find out the hard way whether the cost of training in combat skills will be worth it for spellcasters to get the best battle disciplines.
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Y'know, the world won't end if your first playthrough isn't fully optimal. :P

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i'm in ur playthrough maxing ur skillz
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I'd hate to find out that the best battle disciplines are like lethal blow was in A4, where you have to plan from the start to reach a skill by the end of the game. I can just see that a mage uses adrenaline rush to deliver a massive attack of icy rain since he couldn't put any skill points into spellcasting in order to have them for combat skills.

Still if it balances out you could create an Empire Dervish that actually could handle anything by himself instead of those wimpy ones in E3/A3. A really deadly Empire Archer or Empire Wizard that can fight as well as spellcast.
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in the first screenshot on the website, the characters look to be a pretty low level since they have low hp and aldous has well-aimed blow
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Is it all just for higher damage and more action points?

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This could actually help the shaman class which I understood as being a bit of melee and a bit of magic.

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Wouldn't it be easier to just make combat disciplines like spells? Instead of using mana, use stamina, which could be based on endurance and strength. You could get some basic techniques automatically by increasing your combat stats and learn more advanced techniques from trainers and books.
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I beleive that they are like spells. My first thought when I saw it was that they were used automatically, but when I saw the interview with Jeff about it, I realized that you have to cast them, costing nothing but Stam, but reverse. You can't used a battle discipline unless you have no fatigue, and your fatigue goes down by one each turn, there are going to a lot of different disciplines from what I saw, some to benefit spellcasters too. Maybe from speed, to damage, to mana maybe.

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