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How do I get the Captain to open the blocks? Every time I ask, he dithers and then refuses.

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I think you have to go to the Castle and do some of Houghton's quests before you can get past the barriers.

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You have to be told to get the crystal box that is north of Fort Emerald.


I would wait until I have rescued Ghall-Ihrno before retrieving the box. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;) :eek: :cool:

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Actually, using an the acid spell you can get the box without any trouble...

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No, it's more about that horrible bug which will leave Almaria hostile to you forever.

I was surprised by the box encounter the first time through. By surprised, I mean in a "Wow, that was easy" sense. My archer got combat priority, fired at one orb, and they everything went up in flames. The rest of my party just kind of stood there asking "What was the point of that?"

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