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AuthorTopic: Giscard?
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Can someone tell me his role in the story? And what you do with him, etc.

Because I killed him.
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He gives you a quest later on, to remove a gremlin from his storeroom.

It's no biggy, and the reward isn't fantastic, so you can just go on about your business without worrying.

Edit: It's a gremlin not a goblin.

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I got the quest from the gremlin, (and so as not to give a spoiler,) the gremlin tells me "it's not enough". So how much does he want? I have 2. Thanks
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He wants three or four. You can find enough in Giscard's house and the storeroom with the gremlin, but if you're like me you already stole the Gremlin Wine from Giscard. Fear not! You'll find enough in the Great Cave to make up for it, but it will take a while.

—Alorael, who never seriously considered just killing the gremlin. He's not entirely sure why.
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Or just kill the gremlin and get a few extra experience points (20% of almost nothing) and sell the gremlin wine. It all depends on your morals.
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The gremlin can actually put up a fight. Not much of a fight, but a fight nonetheless.

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Gremlins aren't nearly as frightening without their manic laughter, theft, and confusion rays.

—Alorael, who spent a great deal of time standing still while confusion wore off in the various gremlin caves of bygone Avernums. A4's two grelmins are not nearly as much of a headache.
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