Does anyone use thrown weapons in AV4?

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AuthorTopic: Does anyone use thrown weapons in AV4?
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I'm about half way through my first game of AV4, and I've yet to have any characters place points into thrown weapons. Considering bows have unlimited ammunition and weigh far less than a bundle of javelins, I went with bows. But now I've found some razordisks and fine lances, which seem capable of dishing out some serious ranged damage in the hands of a capable character.

I'm wondering if I should have one character advance points in thrown weapons to use some of the neat throwing weapons I've found. Does anyone else use thrown weapons, or is it bows until the end of the game?

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My divine touch elite warrior nephil archer used razordisks on Nodicuas. I save the remaining razordisks, fine razordisks, and fine lances for a long time before I decided to just sell them. They do great damage, but the weight sucks and it's easier with bows. No keeping track of ammo even for less damage.
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My slith warrior threw razordisks for a lot of the game.

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Yes! Use throwing weapons!

The trick is, to cache them around various locations where you are questing. When battle is over, load down your party with every throwing weapon you can carry and haul it to your cache. A barrel, or a crate, or something. Anything. And then just keep a few on your extra strong fighter.

When battle begins, pepper a mage or a particulary strong foe with lances or disks... Which can easily do 50 or 60 damage a shot. Or more. When battle is done and you are carting armor and such back to town, load up on any throws in left in the area and cart them back to your cache, or, reload on your way back out to the boonies after selling off your valuables.

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The trick is, to cache them around various locations where you are question.
This is a good idea indeed. I used the teleport fortress as item storage because every town has entrance to it through teleports. I also stored all my herbs, fine steel, fine fur and extra bottles there.

I didn't use missile weapons. They weight too much and some bows have useful magical effects, which thrown weapons do not posess.
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Just got to Camp Samuels.
Haven't been using bows as I've been waiting to find some arrows!!
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no i never use throwen weps they suck because you need lots of them
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Originally written by newman:

Just got to Camp Samuels.
Haven't been using bows as I've been waiting to find some arrows!!

There are no arrows. There's no slot for arrows. You don't need arrows. Bows make their own arrows.

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In A4 you can no longer create your own potions and there is no alchemy skill (speaking of which, maybe alchemy and crafting skills in A5 to take advantage of new fine steel and fine leather items?) the trade-off is that A4 characters can scavenge pieces of wood and bits of metal from the battle-field to produce their own arrows. You never need to buy arrows, anyone holding a bow can make them. I think I'll have a character who uses thrown weapons in my next play-through, they seem like they could be worth the weight because of high damage.

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Most of my best sniping was done by casters who didn't have enough strength to lug around javelins and razordisks. Bows are perfect for them. They also require less management.

—Alorael, who concedes that throwing is effective, although you won't find many specialty thrown weapons like some of the nice bows. The downside is effort. If you're lazy, avoid throwing and stick with simple infinite arrow bows.
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I choosed to train one of my character in thrown weapons instead of bows. But missiles' weight sucks. So I bought two levels of bow skill in Camp Samuel for ease of play. I kept fine razor disks in storage anyway. I will use them for the end game, they do more damage than bows' arrows.
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