Messed up on "Cauldron-Spawn". How do I fix it?

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AuthorTopic: Messed up on "Cauldron-Spawn". How do I fix it?
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I killed the undead in the Mertis Spiral before going to Mertis and geting the "Cauldron-Spawn" job. How do I fix this?
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I don't know if there is a fix except by reseting the flag that you ended the undead. If you've killed off the ones in the center that ends the cauldron born. The quest only gives you experience and a disruption wand so you don't miss much. If it means that much you can always start over unless someone knows the command to reset the appropriate flag in the game.

The main quest to end the problem has Aaron giving you his blessing so fighters get blademaster increased by 1 and spellcasters get magery increased by 1.
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Oh. Thanks anyways.

Guess I'm tuck with an unfinished quest then. Oh well.
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Umm..I'm thinking you may not be SOL. Go do some other stuff and then go back to the spiral. Some of the undead could regenerate and you could pick up that undead dust. Hey, it's worth a shot. I couldn't find enough swamp nodules when I went through the first time..but then I went back after a bit and found what I needed.


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