Wealthy Family Near Mertis

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AuthorTopic: Wealthy Family Near Mertis
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I recall characters in the surrounding area remarking on the "oddness" of a particular family living near Mertis. I also recall visiting this location and discovering that these people were odd indeed. However, I have no memory of any resolution or explanation of this. I've recently begun a second play-through, and I'm curious: did I miss something the first time around that bears investigating, or is this just a little bit of local color?

What really went on there, we only have this excerpt...
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It's local color and a few quests.

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Talk to a relative of the family in Ft. Monastery to get the first quest.
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Doing a guest for the guy in Ft. Monastary will get you a letter of introduction from his to the family, and they will help you somehow.

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The family's got a little quest that gets you an armor ring. I think they also give you some money for helping out the son at Fort Monastary.
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