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Alright, this is my first venture into this board since before it came out for the Mac, so bear with me if this has been asked before.

Does anyone know how to get past this gate:


It's in the cavern full of lizards southeast of Formello.

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I think this should work; if not, some variation will, and someone will clarify it soon anyway.

Try looking around to the west of there on the surface. I think there's some place near the river which is a one-way down tunnel, or something like that. There's definitely a way to get there, and I don't think it's too far away.

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Go south from Formello and then over the bridge to the east. Follow the eastern shore of the river until you see a pit access. You will be told that it is one way. Fight the monsters in that area for treasure and then head east. You will cross a single file path over a chasm to reach the other side of that picture and the gate controls.
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