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AuthorTopic: NPC's?
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Been playing A4 with 3 party members in the hope of finding a NPC to join my party (as you could in the previous games). Just wondering if A4 has any NPC's that can join your party or not?
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apparently not. At least, not in the part the demo allows you to play.
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I'm talking full, registered game. Thanks anyhow.
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I never found any anywhere in the game.

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You do get some fighting alongside you throughout the game. For example, that hunter Sinderbrand (north of Grindstone) is technically going with you to kill the hellhound.

And later in the game, you get to escort an NPC and get escorted by one. It's a testament to A4 that the escort mission is not painful. The NPC you're escorting can actually fight for themselves.

But no, there are no NPCs you can switch into your actual party. Anywhere.

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...all of those "escorts", however, either:
1. Move totally independent of you
2. Don't follow you particularly well

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Well, they seem to move in bounds. There are certain places where they stop and wait to exchange a few words with you before going on. If you play along with them, this can probably seem quite tactically realistic. By the time I got to these guys, though, I was finding the game too easy on Normal, so I avoided or ignored them. I even got some of them to fight each other at one point (hit one so he goes hostile, then let the others mob him since he becomes their closest enemy). Not sure if that has been fixed.

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