Spire Forest

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Yes I'm playing on a friends pc. And Neither one of us can figure out how to reach the spire forest just southwest of fort dranlon It's really the only unfinished quest left.

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Go north from Fort Dranlon until you find the stairs that lead under the river to the Slith Lands (you get directions at the fort). There is another stair that goes under the river to the south. Fight some sliths and you should be able to reach them. There is a message that tells you that you are the first human to reach it. This will let you know that you have reached the point that will fulfill the quest.
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There are several other things in that area as well to do while your at it. By buying some information from someone in the fort you can reach a necromancer lair which is probably the toughest fight in the eastern gallery, with a reward of an exceptional unique piece of armor.

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The sliths are the richest source of treasure in the Eastern Gallery for the amount of effort. They are almost as good as the bandits combined and more fun to slay. They also provide good experience per monster.
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