getting past almaria

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AuthorTopic: getting past almaria
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How do I get past Almaria to get to the castle? Is there a secret way or is there some quest I have to finish first? I'm only level 13 right now, so killing shades is not an option. Heck I haven't even been able to kill that mage hrinks yet....
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Level 13 seems a bit low for Almaria, though I generally try to exhaust an area before proceeding, so I might have higher level anyway. There is a secret passage, though; talk to people in Camp Samuels for some hints.

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Once I snuck my way into town (see the above post re: Fort Samuels), I too was paralyzed by fear of the town Shade. Which gave me a glimmer of understanding for what the Almarians were going through! But if you stick to the northern walls, you can slide your way around the Shade, find another set of stairs down, and follow them to freedom beyond the town walls.

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