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AuthorTopic: Helping Jeff advertise
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Well, it is fantasy...

Unusually high tolerence works just fine in the Exile/Avernum series because they are games. If they were books or movies, it wouldn't acceptable. Different mediums require differing levels of complexity.

Dikiyoba was surprised, though not offended, to hear about Elspeth and Nance in A1 because Dikiyoba played A2 first and it's not nearly as obvious there.
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"On that note, I wonder if Jeff has ever lost any customers over Nance and Elspeth?"

I never got a single negative comment about it. I got numerous positive comments.

My games are relentlessly politically correct because, well, I don't know. They just turned out that way. Part of it is my own comfort, and part of it is greed. The wider the variety of player icons, for example, the more players are happy. And happy = $$$.

As for Mycroft, artists Phil and Kaja Foglio are good friends of ours. Their firstborn son's name is Mycroft. And yes, he is named after Sherlock Holmes's brother.

- Jeff Vogel

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So basically, if we can convince some Nephilim to start playing Avernum 4, maybe we'll get some more Nephil icons, eh? ;)

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