Transfer of Registration and Savegames Mac->Windows

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AuthorTopic: Transfer of Registration and Savegames Mac->Windows
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does anyone know if the following will work?

I have a Mac available now, but won't next year. If I start playing Avernum 5 now (and buy the registration code), can I transfer the registration and the saved games to the windows version (when it comes out)? Has anyone transferred savegames successfully for previous Avernums?


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You can get a key from us for the new version for free, but the saved games won't transfer.

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You can't transfer the registration code and saved games between different operating systems. You could email Jeff for a Windows registration code and explain when you purchased the Mac version and why you need it.

Or wait until the Windows version is out and order the CD-ROM with both versions on it so you can load the game to either type of computer.
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For the record, I can't even transfer registrations to new machines with the same operating system (my job requires me to get new hardware often). I'm thankful Jeff is so understanding with these things.

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Actually transferring between two computers with the same OS is quite easy. In Windows, just copy the whole game. In OS X, just copy the Preferences file in your user library.

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