Avernum 1 stuck flying

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 1 stuck flying
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I am playing Avernum v2.0 on a Mac running 10.3.9. I used the orb and got the message "ceiiing too low" and can't get "unstuck" from flying. I've tried using the character editor to take me somewhere else, but I'm still stuck in "flying mode" and can't move.
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Where did it take you? If you can, try using the Orb of Thralni again in your new position. It might be enough to allow you to move again.

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You could always use your last saved game before going into flying mode.

If you don't have one, then hit the space bar to wait until the Orb wears off. It only lasts 6 rounds so you should have been able to land anyway.

I've always been blocked from going into a cieling too low direction or taking off in the first place.
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I've had this happen to me too. Just click "wait" until the flying wears off. Then you'll be able to move again.

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Thanks for the responses. When I used the character editor I had it return me to just outside Fort Avernum. Unfortunately, using the orb again did not help. I still got the message ceiling too low. I finally just gave up and went back to an earlier version -- which was a lot earlier -- that will teach me to save more often.
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I tried the waiting too. That didn't work either, but thanks.
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