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AuthorTopic: Corrupted data in stored items
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I've been experiencing some problems with my laptop recently. Once, it crashed while Geneforge 4 was running. I was able to get the game to work after i restarted my machine.

But later on, when i visited certain areas where i had some items stored, i got a 'corrupted data in stored items' error and all the stored items were removed. I had already progressed quite a bit by that time and the last saved game i have is pretty old. Is there any way i can copy the stored items from a previous save file to the current one?
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If I remember right, there's an "items" file in each save folder (Windows). Whether it will let you copy it over and work I'm not sure. Just back up your save and try- I would do but my only save is endgame.

And if one of your files is corrupted, there's a chance that other file in that save are corrupted. How far into the game are you? If you're before theose annoying swamps (halfway or so), then you might want to just consider starting again. As a precaution, I always save two copies of my game every time, saving on one then the other as I save (that way I'm never far behind)- one save in the first slot, then one save in the last slot).

Hopefully just copying over the items might work though, though you'll lose all the items you have lying around then.

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Not sure what you mean by 'you'll lose all the items lying around'. The items that went missing are the ones that i had stashed in different towns. For example, the ones i had collected at the entrance in Dillame.

I have pretty much completed the Fens, including killing Monarch, after my system crashed. And i use the quicksave usually. So the last saved file i have, which was not overwritten is at the beginning of the fens.

I remember the towns were i had stashed my items. Is there any way i can copy the data for items stored in those areas alone? The error message makes me think that stored items in each area are maintained separately. If not, I'll probably have to go through the fens again.
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Well, what items do you store?
I usually store items that have a unique name.
And usfull itmes.

Well, maybe you can just go on. But if you really need one of those items, you can try editing them in...or try and find a new one.
Oh, and congratulations on killing Monarch, he's tough.

Edit -typo

Edit2 -and if you can't stand to lose those items, you can always go back through the fen. It isn't that long anyway.

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