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AuthorTopic: Vista Compatible?
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I know on the download page it says that the Exile Trilogy is not compatible with Windows Vista . . . being stubborn as I am, I downloaded and installed the trilogy anyways. Exile III worked just fine without any problems, but the first Exile is starting to spontaneously quit on me (although the first 3 hrs I played went fine with no problems). This only happens on certain random battles (when I fight Slith Priests in particular). Seeing as how Exile III works fine it got me thinking that there may be hope to playing all 3 games on Vista.

BTW: I don't really want to convert over to the Avernum Series.
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I have had no issues running any of the Exile games or Nethergate in Vista. However, if you are experiencing difficulties, you won't get much help from Spiderweb. Jeff lists them as Vista-incompatible because they are so old that he is not going to support them in Vista.

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Well, he said he would revisit Exile, saying he wouldn't allow his games to die. He elaborated no further, causing some people to assume he meant another remake, but maybe he meant porting them.

At any rate, it won't be soon, in all likelihood.

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The Exile Trilogy, as well as BoE, all work fine for me on Vista. All I did was run them in compatibility mode.

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Hey Guys,

I was able to get Exile up and running properly under compatability mode . . . I didn't even know about this feature before you guys said anything . . . thanks for the help
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