Avernum 3 picture 4900 corrupt?

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 3 picture 4900 corrupt?
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Hiya all!!!
I am new to this game, but I can say WAY TO GO SPIDERWEB!!!!
Just one small problem...
When I start the game it says that the graphic 4900 is missing or corrupt. I checked it, the file is there but is apparently corrupt. I have already re-downloaded the install file, same thing. HELP, I really like this game. :(
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The best thing is to e-mail Jeff Vogel at this point.

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what Operating system are you running? i find this error when i try to run A3 under WINE in Linux. If its the Mac verison, try removing and non-Avernum files from the "avernum 3 files" folder in your A3 directory. If you are usign Linux, try ther commercial version of Wine known as WineX, which can be purchased or found via a torrent site (illegaly of cource, which i do not endorce)If this is windows, jsut email jeff as i have never has this problem under windows and don't know what to do.

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Thanx all for the replies.
High Lord, I am running WinXP, and I cannot figure it out. No icture viewing program can load it. System states the size and the name, but picture viewing progs do not even attempt to load it. Guess I`ll have to e-mail Jeff.
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try reinstalling the game.

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Try to copy and paste 4900.bmp:
Hope it works.

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Can't you just redownload instead of doing all the crazy stuff?

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He says he already redownloaded. In future, please read the original post before making a fool of yourself.

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Thanks EF, it worked!!! :D
I don´t know why it happens yet, but now I can play the game. Thanks again.
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