Unhandled exception in BoA

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AuthorTopic: Unhandled exception in BoA
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Leaving the Lost Mines in Perfect Forest (BoA) just gave me an Unhandled Exception c000005 At address 00449288. It closes the game. I've reloaded several times and it keeps doing the same.

Any suggestion?

Its WinXP, in case you need to know.
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This is a known bug that nobody can pin down the cause of. If you leave through the portal, things should be okay. If they're still not, well, you've basically finished the scenario anyway, so it doesn't matter too much.

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That bug happens when there's a wall set wrong in teh editor (say, when you try having a door with a cliff wall set).

- Archmagi Micael

P.S. Whoever made perfect forest should look into it.

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'Whoever' is Stareye, and as far as I know he has searched high and low for the bug, but couldn't find it. He's on a Mac, the problem does not show up on that OS.

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What you might do is e-mail the same description of the bug that you gave us to Jeff Vogel, attaching your save file and the scenario, making sure to mention what operating system and version of BoA you're using. Since this seems to be BoA misbehaving, he might actually take a look at it and let you know what's going on. If you gave him Stareye's e-mail (which he has, but probably doesn't have memorized), then he might e-mail Stareye, too, if he tracks down the problem.

He checked out an error for me once when I was making the HLPM. He might do it again.

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Believe me, I would love to fix that one. That's a problem with the engine as far as I can tell. It's beyond my ability to fix unless someone specifically points out my error.

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I got it too in the scenario I'm making. All I can tell you for sure is that it has to do with the terrains you put down. I mixed the cobblestone path floor with the cobblestone path terrain (needed to put in a gate) and as soon as the vicinity of those terrains were to come on screen, there went the exception.

Hope this helps. I'm sorry, but I don't have the scenario anymore.
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