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AuthorTopic: G2: training
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In Geneforge 2, can you buy training in a skill four times if two trainers sell the same skill? e.g. Cure Effects is taught in Drypeak Warrens and Medab
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I dunno. but can't you only train up to lv 2 with trainers, and then you need a canister to get it to lv 3?

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That's right; you can only train a given skill twice regardless of how many different trainers are capable of training you in it.

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Yep. Unlike Geneforge 3, it's usually best to wait until you've trained in a skill twice before using the canisters that will raise said skill. Also, I believe some trainers can only train you in the same skill once, no matter what.

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You can only buy two levels of any skill from a trainer if you haven't used a canister or used skill points to increase the level. The original skills and minor heal and create fyora can be trained twice, since you start with them.

This means create fyora can reach level four in Drypeak Warrens.

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