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AuthorTopic: Ur-Drakons?
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I don't know if anybody already started a topic like this (they probably have, but sry), but is it possible to make Ur-Drakons? From what i've heard, you can only get 2 in the Create Drakon area. If you can't, can you cheat to make them? (and does anybody know what program to use in order to modify your data? Thanks!)
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In Geneforge 3, it is indeed impossible to get enough points in Create Drakon to make Ur-Drakons in the normal course of the game. You can, however, use one of the editors linked in the forum header to give yourself the ability to make them.

(And in Geneforge 2, it's possible to make Ur-Drakons without cheating. They're not a particularly cost-effective creation to make, though.)

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i hacked and made 7 ur drakons!

join me!
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I have no doubt that you've received this warning before, but I'll give it again: generally if a topic hasn't been posted in in a few days (and definitely if a week or more), it is considered polite to leave it alone unless you have something genuinely new and interesting to add.

You didn't.

Therefore you shouldn't have posted.

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In other words, shut up.

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And what reason did you have to bring back this topic?

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Originally written by felix:

Originally written by Dikiyoba:

And what reason did you have to bring back this topic?


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This seems to be the official topic for useless rivals, so this is the most appropriate spot to make this comment:

Originally by Kelandon:

However, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that I have found my thread-locker.

Congratulations! May we see this many more times, but only when necessary.

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... it's not locked.

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I know. I pulled it from a topic that was locked, since I couldn't respond to it there.

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