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AuthorTopic: Geneforge series
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I don't really like the idea of smashing all the Geneforge weboards together. How about you

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It would have been bad back when GF3 was getting a lot of traffic, but it seems reasonable now that the GFs have all died down a bit.

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It's easier to have one place to reach all the Geneforge topics rather than having to visit three different places. The less time my computer spends loading, the happier I am. I would even prefer to have the BoA forum and the BoA editor forum combined.

Besides, Dikiyoba notices that there are lots of general Geneforge topics (like this one.) Where would this topic go if they were all separate? Where would debate over Geneforge 4 go?
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This vote is quite pointless...GF4 will be a separate forum until either a new game is released or traffic dies down sufficiently after the Windows release. At which point, it will be absorbed. The same goes for the A4 forum. The reason: traffic is too slow on the individual boards to justify having multiple ones at the expense of being cluttered.

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Besides, having too many forums would clutter up the forum home page.

Edit: In Dikiyoba's previous post, Dikiyoba was refering to the topics on what G4 may look like or what people would like to see in G4 before it actually comes out, not about future G4 topics after G4 comes out. Dikiyoba apologizes for the lack of clarity.

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The Avernum Series have more boards than Geneforge Series. I don't like it because GF are my favourites games series.

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Blades of Avernum isn't really part of the Avernum series.

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Blades of Avernum/Blades of Exile are somewhat special in their needs as far as forums go.

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At this point, I'd support combining the BoE/BoA/BoA Editor forums into one.

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I like the idea of combining the BoA and the BoA Editor forums together, since topics tend to end up in the wrong forum anyway. BoE I don't care about, except that all the scenarios are on the main forum page, aren't they?

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Cluttered? There are only a few posts a day! Most forums I go to have a few new threads a day.

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