The best of the best, your favourite?

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AuthorTopic: The best of the best, your favourite?
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I just wanted to know, out of the most advanced creations, (Ur-Drakon, Eyebeast, etc.) is your favourite? Personally I love having a couple Ur-Drakons to back up my 3 Drayks. ^_^

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I voted rotdhizon because (a) very hard to kill and (b) very deadly to anything except another rotdhizon. However, as previously stated, as creations rotghroths are actually more essence-efficient than rotdhizons.

Edit: Can't spell rot* to save my life.

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Definatly the top three are:

3. Rotdhizon (250 essence, around 303 with 2 int.)
2. Ur-Drakon (300 essence, around 350 with 2 int.)
1. Eyebeast (250 essence, around 303 with 2 int.)


3. Rotdhizon

Rotdhizons are really hard to kill and have lots of hp, but its spell energy is useless. Quick Action is nice, and like all tier 4 creations it has parry (6%) and very high accuracy.

Rotdhizons have a medium chance (~33%) to do a double strike with Q A and may move faster than Ur-Drakons and Eyebeasts but Rotdhizons are melee, and can only hit one target. Plus, in GF3, they removed its acidic dripping ability, but it still attacks with acid-damage (not covering the foe with acid) making its attacks more resistable. Slowing doesn't work as well as Glaahks, and its almost impossible to take away a opponents attack, even if an opponent isn't hasted and is hit by Rotdizon's slow attack 10 times in 1 turn.

Rotdhizons do resist other attacks quiet well, and few enemies do resist a Rotdhizon's attack so it good, but not worth the essence cost. Stick with gazers and drayks and cyrodrayks. (Ironically, Rotdhizons don't do much damage if they don't hit a Q A attack)

** I don't know if this applies for all creations, or maybe I just have too few AP, but it seems like that for me, rotghroths use fewer AP to move around, meaning their 8 AP will get further then other creations. I don't know if this applies for other creations, and it isn't tested. I just think that rotghroths (possibly rothizons) may move further then other creations in combat mode.

*** Q A attacks have a much lower chance of hitting compared to a normal attack. It could range from between ~20-70 % less chance of hitting, comparing a Q A attack to a normal attack. I also don't know how the Q A attack accuracy is calculated.

2. Ur-Drakons (impossible to get in GF 3 without cheating)

They are ok: they have tons of hp, lots of spell energy (takes a long time to run out) but their accuracy is lowest of tier 4 upgraded creations. Like other tier 4 creations, it has Parry (6%). It is great that Ur-Drakons can hit all enemies within attacking range that are within 1.5 centimeters beside the target, but Ur-Drakons are incredibly weak. Even if you had a level 40+ Ur-Drakon with 30 or so strength, they still hit 100-130s. Thats very little, less than Rotghroths, and normal Drakons it about as much. Their attack isn't easily resisted, but it won't do much damage anyway.

Ur-Drakons also cost too much and they aren't worth it. Stick with Drakons and drayks and Eyebeasts are their far superiors.

1. Eyebeasts

Eyebeast are the best creations in the game. Period. They do almost as much as gazers to all enemies. Although they consume lots of Spell Energy, all you have to do is wait a while for it to refill. Eyebeasts still have tons of hp, high accuracy, and ironically, still have the 6% parry that all tier 4 creations have.

However, and Eyebeast's attack is more easily resisted (They will barely hurt a gazer or another eyebeast) , but fortunatly, they have extreame magical resistance. Their cost is way worth it, and will be the best creation you have (except sometimes gazers are better).

The problem is, by the time you get those creations, it will be too late for them to be useful. Stick with rotghroths and gazers. If you'r a drakon maniac, then use it if you will. But don't say I didn't warn you that it isn't great.

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Eep. I wasn't really thinking I'd get detailed responses...I just wanted to know which of the creations were most fun to use. ^_^;;

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Where would we be without having at least on of these every once in a while???
Cool, I always liked the Eyebeast, yet I end up creating a Terror Vlish or cryoas for some reason
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I've just proved that Rodhizons really suck. With a editor, i made several lv. 128 Rodhizons with tons of strength (in GF 2). They hit for 100-150. Their Q A + Parry isn't any better. All they have are: 1. a diffrent appearance. 2. More hp. 3. More spell energy. 4. (maybe) more accuracy.

Then, I made an eyebeast (GF 2). A lot weaker than gazers, but worth it if you have enough essence.

Then I made an Ur-Drakon (GF 2) . They seemed weaker than Drakons, seriously. Absolutly pathetic.

I've also found a explanation to why you can't make Ur-Drakons in GF 3. You can't make Ur-Drakons because the only way to make one is by making a Drakon use the Geneforge. I wonder what would happen if you had Drakons, killed Akari Blaze, and tried to make your Drakon use the Geneforge...

As for creations that are fun to use... try vlish, artilla, glaahks, rotghroths, gazers, and finally, if you can manage it... battle alphas.

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Pyroroamers. Not because they're useful AT ALL, but because it's funny when things explode :P

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I prefer Cryoas. They're cheap to make, and have a distance attack. I can keep like 4 strong ones with me easy. Plus, if I send one ahead to scout, and it gets killed, then it's not a big loss.

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