Golems on Torment.

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AuthorTopic: Golems on Torment.
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As some might know, I brought up this problem before. They can be a real pain to handle unless you got acid damage, and a good BM score with that (or Greta).

However, I have found something that will work just as well. Terror. A terror wand have a decent enough chance (and if it does not, just save before you encoutner golem, then reload), and will scare them into submission for five turns or so, enough for you to blast them into bits. This saved my life when playing as a Guardian.

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Actually, I found that standing near an essence pool and creating beefed up Roamers and Vlishen one after another tends to work, unless they lure the golem near me.

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ME (an agent), which casts acid spray (getting all golems at once), and that other spell, forgotten it's name now (the one which puts up health, blesses and hastes you etc).

Then Alwan goes in and getts whallopped, while I just provide heavy artillery support. After killing that physco golem thing on Dhonal's Isle, (the one with over a 1000 hp), I think I can just about take on anything...

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