Which class first time?

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AuthorTopic: Which class first time?
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Which shaper class did you opt for in your first run through G3?

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I've always liked the Shapers for some reason. I don't know why, I just normally select them and beat the game with the others later.

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I think shapers are the easiest. You get a decent meatshield of creations, which can dish out decent damage, and it doesn't matter if the creations die, so you can send them out in front and not join in the fight, even.

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I'll probably end up preferring one of the other characters, but I'll be trying Shapers first. I always try Shapers first, since shaping is the main unique thing about the Geneforge series.

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I chose a Guardian, then an Agent, and then a Shaper.

Guardians and Agents are both really fun - Shapers weren't, though.

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I chose Shaper. But Shapers are pretty weedy. This means that they are not inherently easy to play because you need to be careful that nobody can attack you. Blink or get lazy and you may find yourself having to reload. Your creations are useful for most compbat, but if ever an area effect spell gets cast you are frequently toast (Aura of Flames - Mmm, yes! I like my Shaper all crispy thank you!).
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I prefer to play as an Agent first,then Shaper, then Guardian. I like playing as a Agent first, because I prefer spells over creations to beat the game.

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I used to play a Shaper first, but they are a bit frail. Now I like Agents. They are midway for strength and good with spells. I like having one strong creation to take with me. I can't use them as meat shields.
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I've never played anything other than a shaper, maybe i should try that...

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If I ever play G3 it will be with a shaper. The only reason is because all of the other games I've played involve melee and magic. Shapers are strongest with their base trait being creation. No Game I ever played you can *create* your own little devil-horde of monsters. :P That's about the only cool thing I still see in Geneforge, although when it first came out, I thought it was extremely fun.

I've only played guardian and agent a couple times. I think they're boring.

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I almost always play as a shaper, as I dislike the appearance of the other two classes and enjoy the ability to really dabble deeply with creations. With the improved shaper graphic for GF3, it's an even easier decision.


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Yeah, the agent looks like a witch and the guardian...well, I don't know why the hell Spiderweb made the helmet that way.

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