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AuthorTopic: Favorite Weapon
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Which weapon is your favorite

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I rather like either a spiked living knife 7-28 or a spiked guardian claymore.

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The Guardian Claymore was my weapon of choice.
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I'm a hopeless packrat, so I need the strength boost from the Claymore.

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For 1-on-1 combat:
Oozing Sword with Acid infusement

For killing all and sundry: Guardian Claymore

best overall blade you get too late in the game to make a difference: Puresteel soulblade
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Am I the only one who like javelins?

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Not at all, as a Guardian javelins were great. I typically play as an Agent, so I use magic instead.
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Batons are the weapons most in keeping with the atmosphere of the Geneforge world. Swords, wands, javelins and the like are generic and passe, but batons are unique, albeit in a shallow sense. They might be nothing more than glorified bows in terms of their function, but I find them a lot more fun to use. Besides, I've never seen a bow quite as damaging as a reaper baton.


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My favourite weapon?

Why, the Agent of course. A living weapon. The Shaper version of the nuclear bomb.

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But with the significant advantage of reusability.

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I prefer to use creations. After all, that's the whole point of being a Shaper. So I just take whichever weapon gives best bonuses to my creations and stand back while they do all the work.

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Definitly batons are my fav.

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i hacked a sword, it has uber abilities and i made its name :D i duped it and it looks like a reg sword but it isint, i made so i dont have to use kil everything in sight cheatcode it has everything thats good stats so swords are my fav

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how did u hack a sword? :confused:
teach me! :(

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You can change item properties in the gf3itemschars.txt file.

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