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How do I cure him. There are no options, I have already spoken to both hin and Lord Rahul.
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Move close and examine him. Be prepared for a fight.
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If you have creations... [spoiler]cast Mental Barrier before talking to him[/spoiler]. It will save some annoyance.

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You have to do more than just click on him and cycle through the dialog options, as suggested above. I think that immediately after entering the dialog screen, you have to pick the option "Examine him more closely" or something along those lines. Otherwise the only dialog choices you will be presented with will result in the game ending your conversation.

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Not immediately. You first tell him that Rahul sent you (assuming he did; if he hasn't, go back until he does). He'll become distracted. Then choose the examine dialogue option. The next steps should be obvious from there.

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Mightn't you need a certain amount of leadership?

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