Best type of Shaping skill

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AuthorTopic: Best type of Shaping skill
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Which set of creatures are the most usefull?

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Really depends upon the game and how you use them. GF3 has vlish that are fairly broken in how easily they can stun opponents for their cost. The high level creations appear late in the game that can be really nasty.
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Practically, Nalyd prefers Magic creations, but enjoys the Kyshakk as well. The Thahd is very useful early in the game, and the Rotghroth is definitely the best looking. Roamers can be evil when used correctly.

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Fire. I kept the same fyora throughout the whole demo.

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Drayks are great buddies in any Geneforge game. However, early-series vlish and G4 wingbolts are fabulous. I still vote for Fire.

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I say it has to do with what class you like the most. For instance, a Lifecrafter/Shaper player would proubly welcome Rothgroths as meat-shields
Of course, I'm speculating because I'm a Warrior/Guardian guy :)
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Lifecrafters and shapers usually don't need battle creations, i tend to stick with 3 magic creations and 1 fire creations when playing lifecrafter/shaper, or 1 magic creation when playing as an agent, cause usually i stun my opponents before i take them out one by one.
By the way..., if you're playing as a guardian it's better to use fire/magic creations than battle one because they are usually much more versatile and do more damage(and they do it from a distance!!( except for Glahks)).
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Fire shaping is the best. no matter who you are. the ur drakon in geneforge 4 is truly devistating
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