Sects in Geneforge

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AuthorTopic: Sects in Geneforge
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I joined the Awakened. The takers appeared as nutjob rebels who didn't have a good reason for rebelling and the Obeyors say you should obey someone who abandoned you.

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I usually join two or all three. Then I kill everyone.

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Dikiyoba stays unaligned, only joining the Obeyers or the Takers at the very end of the game.
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The obeyers never abandoned you. You just got attacked by Trajkov and stranded.

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Congratulations, welcome to the Awakened. Have fun wandering around aimlessly.
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The Awakened are all dead. So have fun in the slums of Misc.

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Well, I joined all of them at various points. The Awakened sound the most reasonable at a glance, but I think the Takers are more honest and I like their ending better, for some reason. Also, Trajkov is god. But I generally just join the Awakened anyway even if I'm planning on backstabbing them later. :P I'm so nice.
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First, Nalyd went with the "Destroy Geneforge, Don't use Geneforge, Join Obeyers" ending. It's the best, but he tried all variations just to see what they were.

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I joined the Awakened at the beginning.
When I go to Kazg, I decided that I wanted to join the Takers.
So I go to the leader and end my membership with the Awakened by killing him.
I then found out that killing the servile I just killed was what I had to do to join the Takers.

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I joined Awakened, but destroyed Geneforge when I saw it. I don't remember if that caused Obeyer ending or not. I prefer the Awakened from Gf2 anyway.

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I join all three groups at various points in the game, and then only just long enough to get some item(s) or training that I want, or to get info from that sect's spies. Then when I'm done with that sect, I leave them.

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