Lankin plot bug?

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AuthorTopic: Lankin plot bug?
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I have completely cleared the Island; not a rogue or generator to be found. I go to Lankin with Norrell's proposal that he accept 1 month imprisonment to end the rebellion. I have 10 leadership.

Lankin says that he is tempted, but he cannot accept Norrell's offer, because of the rogues. WHAT ROGUES? There are no rogues left!

This seems like a plot bug to me. No point in having high leadership and getting Norrell's proposal, if Lankin will not be reasonable. And it is not reasonable to reject the offer based on rogues if there are no rogues left.

This is a big disappointment. I played through earlier with lower leadership. This time with high leadership, it looked like there was a peaceful resolution possible for the rebellion. But it does not seem this is the case, though there is no logical reason for Lankin to reject the offer.

What do you think? Should this be reported as a bug to Jeff?
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Hey Mike. I don't know if it's a bug. There are some problems with dialogue choices in the game. One is in that Island with Lankin as you pointed out (I also went to talk to him after clearing the bugs but couldn't do much).

(later on in the game I found a bit of a dialogue bug, if that the correct nomenclature, with Agatha and the Serviles of Stonespire. And there were other dialogue choices I'd like to have seen, but I've forgotten what they were)

However, if you want to send an e-mail to Jeff reporting this, it won't be a bad idea. Worse thing that can happen is that things will remain the same, however, maybe Windows users might get a more complete game.


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This could maybe be fixed just by modifying Lankan's lines a bit, to something about how even though the present outburst of rogues has now been suppressed, the incident has made him realize that the Shapers cannot be trusted to uphold their part of the social contract, and that he therefore cannot now go back to the status quo ante rebellum -- or words to that effect. Maybe not quite as big a payoff in plot effect as one would hope for, in return for playing it preux, but if written well it might be satisfying enough in a bittersweet way.

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I am very disapointed in G3. In just the demo, there were to many plot bugs, lots of typos, spelling errors, and just plain bugs in general. I am turned off by this. I can't recall an initial release from Jeff that was this bad, and I have been playing these games for a long long time. This worries me as this is very much unlike Jeff.

I am unsure if it is worth it to spend money getting the full version.

I love Spiderweb games. I am a hardcore retro gamer. I love old school RPGs. I am a fanatical devotee to G1 and G2. It sort of bugs me that I am not liking G3 much.

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I did notice quite a few spelling errors, particularly near the start of the game. But the movement this time was around was much better. I remember in GF2 I had lots of problems trying to move about in combat, quite often being told that I couldn't "get there from where you are," for no good reaon. However, these problems were markedly reduced in GF3, in fact there was only one time that happened to me I think. Jeff must have worked on that.

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It must make Jeff feel pretty lousy to see all our complaints on the message board, but he does seem to have rushed G3. There are some improvements to play, but a lot of annoying old quirks remain, such as the awkward procedure for saving that reminds of saving back in the days of the Mac Plus. (And if you don't know what a Mac Plus is, you're either too young or a Windows user.) Still, Jeff's work is a hundred times better than that of 99 percent of software game programmers. I would rather wait six years for a Geneforge 4 that reflects what Jeff is capable of, rather than getting another rushed game a year from now.

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Wasn't the first version of Exile bad quality?
I didn't see many mistakes in GF3 demo?!
*in defense of Jeff, my fav game producer*

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Originally written by JadeWolf:

Wasn't the first version of Exile bad quality?
I didn't see many mistakes in GF3 demo?!
*in defense of Jeff, my fav game producer*

I guess you aren't paying attention to spelling and grammar than; also the bugs come later in the game.
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I didn't notice too many spelling errors, but then I sort of glossed over the dialogue in my rush to finish the demo.

I am debating whether or not it's worth buying. With Avernum 1, and 2, it felt like there was alot I was missing out on in the demo that I could get in the full game, whereas here, I'm just not that excited to see the rest of geneforge. I think that part of it is I wish the world design where a bit more creative. Here, it's basically just forests, towns, swamps, all of them a bit generic. With the avernum series, it stood out because of the caves.

I really liked the creator level, with that wonderful use of red lighting. Spooky.

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There seems to be mixed feelings about GF3. It has similarities to the earlier games. I am happy I saw the whole game, but mostly because I just wanted to know what was going to happen. When I found out I was not excited.

As far a terrain you will later see more grass, than swampy cold grass, and finally snow. I liked the snow; it's a nice change.

I enjoyed the game enough that I found it to be worth buying, and I'm happy to support SW.
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Quite a few people in the game indicate that there are more rogues around than just the ones you meet (and usually kill). Many others are lurking in between the tiles, it seems. So Lankan still has grounds for being worried about rogues even after you have trashed every available one. I agree, though, that this could be spelled out more, and that Lankan ought to at least react a bit to the fact that you have taken out the spawners and minds.

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I'll second everything Matt Thorn said.

As for the first version of Exile being bad quality -- HARDLY! Sure, the graphics were primitive in comparison with Geneforge, but game was damn beautifully done. Back in 1994 pretty the only current, well-made Mac RPGs were Realmz and Exile (plus a few odd ports like Might & Magic III). Realmz had glossier graphics, but ran sloppier... Exile had an attention to detail in gameplay, and in general game construction, and balance (not to mention the backstory) which was downright AMAZING for its time.

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Well, the very first version of Exile I didn't have AP; you got to take one step every time it was your turn. That was genuinely bad. :P

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Originally written by Matt Thorn:

It must make Jeff feel pretty lousy to see all our complaints on the message board
He doesn't read these boards except on rare occasions. Feel free to speak without fearing hurting his feelings.

GF3 seemed like exactly the same thing as GF2. I hope GF4 at least has some new things — new spells, creations, something.

And no, the crafting thing doesn't count.

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Regardless of your leadership, Lankin will never accept the offer. You just have to either help him outright, or the shapers outright.

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