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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 3 Enchantments
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I enchanted a shaper sword with "slow" from one of the orbs I got. I don't see much of an effect on the creatures I hit. Is there some formula that the game uses, to decide when a creature really is stunned and will lose its next turn? Does it depend on the creature? Thanks
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Slow... It's been a little while since I played it, but I don't think there's a slow enchantment for GF3...

Anyway, enchantments only have small effects on items. They can't turn a sword into a super-weapon, they just provide an item with a little extra edge.

Also, my experience with stunning blades is that they have a chance to stun the target. The stunning isn't a guaranteed effect.

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I think one of the enhancement effects does slow enemies, but it's not one of the better ones imho. As Nioca says the effects are only slight. The effects of e.g. steel spine are more noticeable.

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The orb description said something about slowing enemies, but it is more of a stun effect I believe.
Thanks for the replies!
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I wrote up some topics on enhancements, most easily accessed by searching for "Strategy Central" in this forum.

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The best way to slow your enemies is to go for the Achilles tendon. Keep in mind this stratagy will not work against vlish!

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Delicious Vlsih's advice is still good that the best way to deal with your enemies is daze (or strong daze later on in the game). This is the single best spell for dealing with most problems. When it doesn't work then you need to use a stronger arguement to permanently remove them.
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And keep a pair or so of Vlish handy. Very little can stand up for long against a pack of determined Vlish. Can't move, can't act, can't attack, can't hurt you or threaten you. Vlish are the supremely powerful creation. And this has been well established. In G3, they are grossly overpowered.

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