Geneforge 3.. cold keeps killing me...what!?

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 3.. cold keeps killing me...what!?
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I am on the ice island and I have gone to the shaper camp.. yet I still keep dieing of the cold.. what am I supposed to do?
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Heal yourself, from time to time.

There's no way to stop the cold, it will continually eat away at you. The only place you are safe is in the cave (or in the village, if you are a rebel). You have to go fully inside the inner room in order to heal up.

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That is incredibly lame.. my guy has 20 health due to a transference robe...
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Put on something that gives you more endurance, like a Symbiotic Cloack. Don't worry anyway, you won't return in this area often.

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Save some essence for healing spells like minor heal. If you have even a little Healing Craft, the essence you have saved should be enough to cut directly to the Shaper's camp (Beseiged Camp). Or, stock up on healing/essence pods on Dhonal's Isle beforehand.

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1) Play in combat mode

2) Cast protective/augmenting spells

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At worst to help reduce damage use items that reduce cold damage to help get through the area. Still just heal regularly with healing pods/spores to keep from dropping to zero.
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