Genefore 1-Buried Cells

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AuthorTopic: Genefore 1-Buried Cells
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Found control 1, and he needs fed. When I speak to him he/she says the food is close, but I can't find it. Had the same problem with one of the other controlers earlier. Thanks
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You need mind nutrients. It's a special item often found in cases near servant minds (but not the ones that need fed.)

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I never really got why they were never near the ones that needed to be fed... A strange twist of fate that that was true for every single one...

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If you check the FAQ it will tell you that there are less mind nutrients than servant minds that need to be fed. Jeff's little way of making you prioritize your needs to fulfill all quests and pick the ones that will do you the most good. You can usually get away with not feeding the mind in the Guarded Docks area.
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